"Tourism is found money."
Brian Kennedy

Tourists stop to eat, get gas, do some shopping...and spend the night!  That means more sales tax revenue.  That's good news for taxpayers, because increases in sales tax revenue can save the day. 

I would like to see an “Old El Paso”,  with an emphasis on our historic origins, that becomes a night time walking-only district with raised bollards to stop evening through traffic. The real concern for most of the City Builders is getting a return on the real estate they've invested in around their idea of an “arena footprint”.  Tourism traffic is potentially every day of the year... not just on game day... or show nights.. and can greatly increase sales tax (as we saw during the Bowling Congress where several thousand people came in weekly for almost six months). It's a win-win!

 Which brings me to Sports Tourism.  There are hundreds of sports.  Most have multiple leagues, multiple levels, multiple regions.  They all have tournaments and they all travel somewhere every year.  That somewhere should be here.  Our 300 days of sunshine a year puts us ahead of the game. The Sports Commission literally brought hundreds of tournaments to El Paso... work they continue to this day.  

Every dollar spent by somebody passing through El Paso includes sales tax.  Every dollar we increase in sales tax revenue creates less pressure on property tax.



El Paso Hotel Occupancy rates for 2023 exceeded occupancy rates in Texas and in the U.S.:

El Paso 69.1%
Texas    62.3%
U.S.      53   %


La Nube, El Paso's new children's museum is kicking off!

We have a new 12,500 seat amphitheatre opening in 2026 which guarantees 40 shows a year.