The City Builders


"Your interests should be openly balanced with their interests. the light of day."
Brian Kennedy

The elephant in the room…there have always been City Builders.  They have the ability to transform, beautify, elevate and transform a City.  They have influence and money. They do a lot of good. They are important benefactors. They make things happen.

They are good business people with vast resources.  They often use their resources to build things. Things like baseball stadiums, soccer fields, arenas, museums, parks, shopping malls. Those translate to jobs, contracts for services and materials.

City Builders play a critical role in our City's future.
A thriving, vibrant Downtown is important. And there is the tipping point.
So is a thriving community.  

There's a sweet spot in every deal. When the dust settles it should all add up to enough long-term benefits so the short-term sacrifice makes sense.

But it doesn't always add up.

That's why it's important to have someone at the table that's committed to growth, understands compromise, looks for creative solutions and NEVER FORGETS they are there to represent your interest.

I'm Brian Kennedy, candidate for Mayor, and I'd appreciate your vote! 

...all that city building talk makes me think of streets.