Stagnant Growth


"Quality of life is when our kids can afford to buy a home in the City they grew up in."
Brian Kennedy

Stagnant growth means fewer people share the debt which means higher taxes per household. 

The estimated population of El Paso, the nation's 22nd  largest city in the nation currently has the slowest growth rate since 1930 to 1940, which will have far-reaching implications for years to come. 

Surrounding smaller cities are growing.  Las Cruces' population grew.  Horizon grew. Socorro grew.  Homeowners as well as businesses are fleeing outside the city limits.

That's why it's important to have someone at the table that's committed to growth, understands compromise, looks for creative solutions and NEVER FORGETS they are there to represent your interests.

I'm Brian Kennedy, candidate for Mayor, and I'd appreciate your vote.

Lurking behind stagnant growth is low wages.  Wages in El Paso are among the lowest in the nation.

How do we start to steer our way out of this? Let's talk economic development.