"We are about $25 million dollars a year short from keeping streets just as crappy as they are right now."
Brian Kennedy

The most common complaint we receive from constituents concerns streets or street related issues.
Short term repair instead of long-term solutions? Since when did that ever work?


The folks in the Street Department know how to take care of roads. They know all about roads...what materials last...what methods last...but they are only as good as the budget they are given and the direction they are given.  All too often, they've been ignored. Streets kept getting shoved to the end of the line leaving no alternative but short-term repair instead of long-term solutions.

The good news is we've already been working for months on a long-term plan for a sustainable dedicated funding source for street maintenance that will change the face of El Paso for drivers. So stay tuned! 

That's why it's important to have someone at the table that's committed to growth, understands compromise, looks for creative solutions and NEVER FORGETS they are there to represent your interest.

I'm Brian Kennedy, candidate for Mayor, and I'd appreciate your vote! 

...ok...ok...what about the most important quality of life