The City Manager


You hear a lot about Tommy Gonzalez but the truth is Tommy reports to City Council.  It's up to the Council to keep things in check. 

They haven't.

Ask yourself, “Are things getting better or worse?” 
If the answer is “worse “...ask yourself, “Why aren't we holding leadership accountable?”

Drawing a blank?  Me too. 

We aren't holding the City Manager accountable. Quite the contrary! Over the years... one small amendment at a time.,. we have expanded the scope and powers of the City Manager way beyond the original intent.  Today, Tommy Gonzalez can transfer $1 million dollars of funds without any approval.

City Council has basically abdicated their oversight responsibilities to the City Manager.  In fact, they are in a mad rush to reward him with a raise, a five year extension, potential additional benefits and a costly $1 million if his contract isn't renewed or even if he quits. A nice reward for a City Manager who has enjoyed a 69% increase in pay in eight years; who doesn't even have a permanent home in El Paso and mysteriously dodges questions of residence.

Knock. Knock.
Who's there?
This is no joke.

Want to keep El Paso growing?