The Big Why?


"I don't want a ringside seat at a train wreck.  I want to make sure the train keeps rolling in the right direction."
Brian Kennedy

Why does Brian want to run for Mayor? 
Because he can't unsee what he's seen.

If you're looking for someone to stick their head in the sand, Brian's probably not your guy.  Brian's good at a lot of things...but looking the other way is not one of them.

In his time on City Council, Brian found several things to be true:
1. He found that there is an abundance of serious talent among City employees who take their job seriously, truly care about their community...and with the proper respect and direction...can be very high performing. 
2. He found that securing consensus and achieving clear directives is where the real work is done and while it may take an extraordinary amount of time, energy, and focus…it is possible and it is worth it.
3. He found that the benefit of a Council and a Mayor working together, toward common aims, can greatly accelerate timelines to achieve targeted objectives on behalf of an entire community.
4. He found that #s 1, 2 and 3 combined mean that real things can be accomplished.

Unfortunately...he also saw that it can all fall apart in the blink of an eye, devolving into drama, self-interest, and political showmanship.

The roster of contenders for Mayor just didn't satisfy Brian's personal standards for the strength, clarity and integrity that he, himself, wants to see from a Mayor and that he knows is needed to provide a stable, secure environment for 3000 City of El Paso employees, and 850,000 El Pasoans who just want to know the job is being done right.

Brian Kennedy loves being a City Rep for District 1, but he loves making things happen for El Paso even more. He wants to protect what has been accomplished and continue to work on the critical issues that still need to be addressed. He knew he would be miserable sitting on his hands watching weak leadership undo any progress that had been made.

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